How to customise Catalog stacks


The Catalog is very nice and rich with so many services I’d like to use. I love the fact that launching services directly from the Catalog has the “Up to date”/“Update” button to upgrade the whole stack.

However I find them all quite limited with how I can use them.

In particular I would really like to be able to:

  • choose which ports get exposed; so that it does not conflict with any existing services I may already have running on the same port e.g. 808x is commonly used. Plus I may not want to expose the port on the host.
  • set host scheduling labels; many services require persistent data (monitoring, hadoop etc…) as such they cannot be treated as cattle. So I’d like to be able to set labels to launch the catalog on particular hosts

Of course I can just preview the Catalog and copy/paste the compose into my own stack, but you lose the one button upgrade plus you have to replace all the answers.txt variables

Are there any plans to make them more customisable ? How hard would it be to implement them ?

Thanks !

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We have a feature request to make them more customizable, but the back end micro service that runs our catalog service would need enhancements to be able to full support the ability to have different port mapping use cases and how it’s translated into rancher-compose (e.g. some people may want to specify a port, some would want a random port, etc).