How does jenkins-swarm work with a Jenkins with GitHub oauth?

We’re trying to use GitHub for all of our auth. Is it possible to have Jenkins-Swarm integrate with a Jenkins install that utilizes the GitHub oauth and have the slaves still automatically register?

I added a user via the Jenkins Credentials Plugin and utilized these credentials when spinning up Jenkins Swarm from the catalog and the node failed to register.

@bkuhl, Yes, this is possible with the Jenkins swarm plugin catalog entry to use Github auth. In the username/password questions for the swarm plugin, you need to put in a REAL github user/password. You might be able to use a personal Access token instead of the real password.

That worked perfectly, thanks. I was trying to use the “Manage Credentials” option in Jenkins to create a username/password there that would do it. We just created a user on GitHub and it met the need.