How does the pipeline of rancher implement the release of a single micro-service module according to its own needs

How to use variables in the pipeline function of rancher 2.0? For example, our company’s project is micro-service architecture, there are many sub-modules. Every time you go online, not all modules are released together, but one or several modules are released. Whether the pipeline of rancher 2.0 can implement the module I choose will compile, build and modify the mirror version of the application for which module, while other applications that are not released will not be affected.

This screenshot is a screenshot of all the micro-service modules in my rancher pipeline. I originally put all the micro-service build images in one stage and then put them in different steps. I found that step is not sequential, and it is problematic to build multiple images at the same time. So I later put every micro service module into a stage, so that the stage is serial, but then each release is slow. Actually, I just want to send one of the modules, but I have to compile and build all the modules, so that

It’s too troublesome. I wonder if rancher has a more flexible way to implement publishing by choosing its own module