How to change RancherOS node ID

I’m working with VMware virtualization and I was wondering how to change the node ID of my RancherOS VM ?
It is very natural to clone a VM /template on virtual environement when you need to have a new VM (no need to go through a new install process and set up from scratch your VM)… so I cloned my RancherOS VM to extend my docker swarm but cloning the VM kept the nodeID of the source VM (which was not in the swarm before cloning) and was incompatible with joining the swarm.

For now I create my new Rancher VMs from a snapshot that I took before the hard install of RancherOS so that I just need to update my network parameters on my cloud-config (dhcp is not authorized on my network), to clone the VM after the install and revert to the snapshot for the next VM, but it is not very natural wile working with virtualization.

NB: Thanks for RancherOS I’m really enjoying my experience with it … it’s a great OS!

I’ve finally found the way to reset the docker node id of my cloned RancherOS VMs, simply by removing the
/etc/docker/key.json file and rebooting the VM …