How to deploy docker-compose yml file in Rancher 2.x?

Hello everyone,
I am still in learning curve with Rancher and K8s so thank you in advance for your patience
I come across a few useful application such as Authelia (Getting Started - Authelia) and Dolibarr (Docker Hub) however, according to the installation documents, they are deployed using Docker, Docker-compose and yml file
I look into the rancher documents and learned that in version 1.6, there is something called rancher compose which could do similar function as docker-compose. However, it is not available in rancher 2.x if I understand it correctly
So my question is, how could I deploy/setup those app in rancher 2.x using the contents in yml file?
Thank you for your helps

You can read the file and translate the relevant parts yourself but is no direct conversion.

Authelia has a Helm chart

Dolibarr’s compose is just defining 2 containers with very basic options. There is no equivalent of --link in k8s so you need to additionally define the environment variables it would normally be defining for the MySQL host.

Hi vincent,
If I install docker-compose onto the same machine with Rancher installed, then using docker-compose to install authelia and dolibarr, will these two app be appeared under Workload > Deployments of the rancher interface?
I am looking to use Rancher as an UI to manage those containers (I have seen other did this using Portainer though)
Thank you again for your patience

No; Kubernetes doesn’t manage containers it didn’t create. Depending on what kind of cluster you have there may not even be a docker to talk to.

Thank you for your advice.
I guess for the purpose that I want e.g. managing dockers using a UI, perhpas it is better to use Portainer for this purpose?

If you really want to use Kubernetes, you can convert your docker-compose.yml to a kubernetes yaml with this: and then import them into Rancher (via commandline or via gui)