How to get to a newer Kubernetes Version

We are currently using Rancher 1.6.17 in our Environment and want to upgrade to a newer Kubernetes Version (currently 1.8.5), however we are not able to select a newer version of Kubernetes in Rancher. How can we get to a newer Kubernetes version? Is there anything else to do?

I had a similar issue when I started with Rancher.
I have started Rancher like this (with an Nginx Proxy in front):

sudo docker run -d  -v rancher-mysql:/var/lib/mysql -v rancher-cattle:/var/lib/cattle -v rancher-mysql-logs:/var/log/mysql --restart=unless-stopped --name=rancher-server rancher/server:v1.6.17

If I reused the volume for /var/lib/cattle, then no new versions of Kubernetes appeared.
According to the Rancher Docs only a persistent volume for /var/lib/mysql is needed:

sudo docker run -d -v <host_vol>:/var/lib/mysql --restart=unless-stopped -p 8080:8080 rancher/server

If I update Rancher and don’t reuse the /var/lib/cattle volume, then new versions of Kubernetes appear.
Could this also be the case with your issue?

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