How to install Rancher on k3s

Let me start by stating that I am a Linux novice and I’m entirely new to Rancher and Kubernetes.

I have a lab environment with vSphere 7 (licensed).

I want to install a simple Rancher environment which I can use to setup a vSphere Kubernetes Cluster.

I was advised to install K3s and then setup Rancher on that. My problem is that, installing K3s is very straight forward but once installed, how do I install Rancher? (is there a step-by-step guide with all commands?)

I followed a guide which directed readers to install Helm Chart, cert-manager and then Rancher.

The problem is that I get to the last part of cert-manager and then I get an error stating "could not connect to “” which makes sense because Kubernetes is running at h “”.

If I skip that step and move on to step 5, I get an error stating that it could not find the namespace.

Advice for a noob would be appreciated.