Unsure how to install Rancher on k3s

I have a k3s 2-node cluster in virtuallbox. I want to install a multi-node RPi cluster that is behind a NAT on my local LAN, too.

Now I want to give Rancher a try with k3s. I ended up reading this

The problem now is that SSL is required.

  • Let’s Encrypt isn’t really an option as the cluster is not reachable outside the LAN
  • Bring your own certificate isn’t really much better. I could only create a self signed cert.
  • Rancher-generated TLS certificate which is probably the same as above

Is there no way to install Rancher without SSL? Not that I am a fan of that. But AFAIK there is no good solution for certs unless one makes the cluster somehow reachable from the outside.

And even if it was a production cluster I would probably have a load balancer with TLS termination outside of the cluster. So…

What’s the suggested path of installation for such scenarios?

And another problem…

% helm install rancher rancher-latest/rancher \
  --namespace cattle-system \
  --set hostname=rancher.local
Error: chart requires kubeVersion: < 1.20.0-0 which is incompatible with Kubernetes v1.20.2+k3s1

Same problem here, did you get the problem solved?