How to install RancherOS inti disk and login

My installation scenario as below:

  1. Boot RancherOS using iso file.
  2. Install RancherOS into disk.
  3. Boot from this disk

These steps are ok and no problem. But after 3 step, I want to login RancherOS in console booted RancherOS.
But I cann’t. I know I can ssh login when I through another computer. I want to know:

Can I login in same computer which install and booted RancherOS?

Yeah, this hit me too :slight_smile:

in 0.6.0 we had to make this senario not have a default password to prevent cloud deploys from being accessed by hackers.

ideally, one should install using a cloud-init.yml that sets the password & ssh keys, but if you (like I did) forgot, you can edit the grub boot parameters and add rancher.autologin=tty1 (assuming you have physical access to the box) and once you’re in, set the rancher user’s password

wanna make a PR to the docs to make this more explicit?

The only problem with this is that the password won’t persist across reboots. I think it would be better to just support a passwd field or something like that.