Cannot login after boot from iso CD and install to disk

I cannot login (user:rancher,password:rancher),after boot from ISO CD and install disk
( sudo ros istall -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda)

Once installed, you cannot use the rancher/rancher combination to login anymore. You should have set up a SSH key in your cloud config. Login via ssh using that key. Then you may change your password. I haven’t tried changing it, as I preffer not to leave direct access to that machine.

If you are stuck with no access after installing to disk, you can set a temporary rancher password in the kernel parameters. To do so, when the VM is booting, hit an arrow key on the OS selection screen. Then hit e to edit the kernel parameters. Then add rancher.password=rancher to the line that has console=tty0. Then hit F10 and the VM will boot and you’ll be able to login with rancher/rancher.

This password is only good for that one boot. If you reboot the VM, you’ll need to set the password again. So once you’re in, you should setup a proper ssh login.