How to make Rancher OS hardware fault tolerant?


I’m new to Docker and Rancher / Rancher OS.

I’ve a system which send data to a FTP server
In case of unavailability of this server data are kept (until some days) and when FTP server is available again data are send again.

A python script take this data and store them to a database.

Recently I encountered a hardware crash (hard disk). It was running using Debian.

I’d like to build again this but with a more reliable solution.
(with 2 or 3 differents servers)

That’s the reason why I’m looking at Docker.

So I wonder how to make Rancher OS hardware fault tolerant ?
I don’t need high availability just hardware fault tolerance.

Kind regards

There’s no automated setup of RAID, but mdadm is in the default console if you want to configure and/or mount a RAID array.

I don’t really want a RAID setup.
My idea is to have several servers (maybe 3) with only one hard disk but with RancherOS installed on.
To have a kind of cluster of RancherOS that could be hardware fault tolerant ie if one server crash (because of disk or mother board failure) my app will continue to work (ideally I would like to be notified that a hardware problem occured).
Any idea about how to make such a setup ?

RancherOS is just a minimal operating system that gets you Docker on a host. Higher-level orchestration to put services on those hosts, monitor their health, reschedule the containers if a host fails, etc is what Rancher does.