RancherOS as a docker oriented NAS OS?

I’ve been pondering about creating a NAS and looking for a suitable OS. Off the shelf there’s lots of choice: vanilla distro (Eg Ubuntu); dedicated NAS distro (FreeNAS, etc); propitiatory, etc

Lots of NAS vendors, such as QNAP, now make their products multi purpose, so the thought occurred is it possible to use something like RancherOS as the basis for a docker oriented NAS?

Questions in my mind are:

  • Is this feasible
  • Does it make sense?
  • What about driver support - basic set for common devices?
  • Support for a reliable ZFS solution - May as well look at having an enterprise grade solution?
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I’m in something similar. I’m setting up a NAS for mainly serving, ownCloud, Plex, Gogs and similar things.

To make it all simple, I put an SSH in it (which I can wipe anytime I want) and some HDD’s connected in Raid (for safety, I have a ton of data there really).

I’m now working on setting up a Rancher Persistent Storage from a physical drive. Sadly there are no step-by-step tutorials for this. (With cloud-config ofc as I want to have a disposable system drive.)

This is the last step to have it. So I absolutely support your idea :wink:

having 3 nodes and using gluster but deployed inside a container infrastructure…hmmmm