How to refresh a running application

I want to refresh a running application. By refresh, I mean I want to stop the containers, pull all of the images to be sure I have the latest versions, and then restart the containers.

I’ve heard rumors of a marathon-like “forcePull” option for Rancher, but what’s my best approach today with Rancher?

We are adding the “force-pull” option in our next major Rancher-Compose CLI update. This should be coming out late this week or early next assuming no major issues found.

Are you using the “:latest” tag or re-using same image tags when you are updating your services? We recommend you do not re-use the :latest tags but if you do, the force-pull option is what that feature will address due to docker caching. If you are simply looking to update an existing service, you can use our rolling-upgrade feature as described here to help with updating services.

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We have have a mix of image tag naming policies, as our images are created by several different teams I think the force-pull option will do what we want.