How to setup a vSphere node template

I am a complete novice with Linux, Kubernetes and Rancher.

I have a lab environment in which I would like to deploy a vSphere RKE cluster.

I don’t have any experience with Ansible and since this is a small lab environment, I decided to just create the template in vSphere manually.

I performed following activities for the template:

Installed an Ubuntu 20.04 VM with SSH installed during installation.
Disabled the swap file and reconfigured fstab to ensure that it remains disabled.
Confirmed that the firewall was disabled.
Installed Docker.
Converted the VM to a template in vSphere
Created a network profile in vSphere with a pool of 5 IP’s which I want my nodes to use.

In Rancher, I added cloud credentials to connect to my vCenter server
Added node template and selected the new template that I installed in vCenter

How do I configure the Node template in Rancher to apply a unique hostname and IP configuration to the nodes?

Also, when the nodes deploy, how do I get SSH working? (Message “waiting for SSH to be available”)

Is there a guide somewhere that list all the steps required to provision a vSphere RKE cluster?