RKE on VSphere. Waiting for ssh to be available when provisioning the node


I am trying to install RKE using Rancher v 2.6.0 on VSphere 6.7.0. I am configuring it using Rancher UI. I setup the node template with Rancher iso (https://releases.rancher.com/os/latest/rancheros-vmware.iso) as the creation method. I configured the cluster with 1 master and 1 worker node. The nodes are getting created (master and worker nodes) stuck in Provisioning state with an error Waiting for ssh to be available. It is getting timed out after multiple retries.

The cloud-config file in both the nodes have ssh keys.

I went through this forum vSphere cluster Waiting for SSH to be available... · Issue #24948 · rancher/rancher · GitHub but unable to solve it.

Kindly do the needful to solve this issue… Are there any additional steps that needs to be added or configured.