What needs to be in a vsphere node template

I find nowhere a documentation about what I need to have included in the vsphere vm template. E.g are there additional repos I need to enable? Are there any user accounts I need to create which Rancher needs to set everything up?
I would like to set up a CentOS template which has SNMP etc already enable and some other apps we have as a company standard. But if I am doing this then I am not able to use this template for provisioning a K8s cluster with Rancher. Therefore I need the information what is in the minimum needed. And are there other software packages which are not allowed to be installed. E.g. I found here in the forum a thread where someone wrote that docker should not be installed at the beginning.

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Did you install cloud init ? It is needed, Rancher injects all other stuff through this. Also, firewall must be open I think on ports 22, 443, and 2376.

On Docker: it is installed by rancher. No need to do it upfront.


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Hi Lars,

Yes, I did install cloud-init. But the problem is that you need to delete a certain directory because Rancher only incejcts the ssh keys once. So if cloud-init was already running while preparing the template then you won’t get the ssh keys a second time.

Furthermore I would like to inject my own ssh keys with cloud-init as well. And there is no documentation how this could be done.