How to update system service


i wrote a little script to do the backup of my rancher setup. Now I want to call it regularly. I enabled the crontab service and created a file called /var/lib/rancher/conf/backup.yml with the following content to test if cron is working.

  image: alpine
  command: mount
    io.rancher.os.scope: "system"
    cron.schedule: "*/1 * * * * ?"
    - system-volumes

I Added it with “ros service enable /var/lib/rancher/conf/backup.yml” and started the service with “ros service up backup”. With “ros service ps” I see that the service is started regulary. Now I want to change the command to to the real backup script. But I don’t know how I reapply the definition. I tried to “ros service stop …; ros service disable…; ros service delete…; ros service enable …; ros service start…” but this did not change the command shown in “ros service ps”.

Thanks for the help