Run rancher in rancheros

Installed rancher os v1.0.1 on a bare metal server.
Now I would like to install rancher on it. I am able to get it to work by installing it on non system docker but I would like to install it in system-docker.

sudo ros service list
lists system services where rancher-server-stable was disabled.
Enabled the service by executing

sudo ros service enable rancher-server-stable

but when I try to start the service it gives an error.

sudo ros service up rancher-server-stable

INFO[0000] Project [os]: Starting project
No such service: rancher-server-stable

How am one supposed to start rancher-server-stable running as a system service?

Magnus - a novice rancher/rancheros user.

Did some further findings. Wiped out all rancher-server containers and images and executed:
sudo ros service enable rancher-server-stable
It shows progress of downloading the stabe image of rancher-server… but it is not downloaded to system-docker as I would have expected. I might be wrong in my understanding here and would appreciate feedback.

This is the output when checking available images:
sudo system-docker images;echo;sudo docker images

rancher/os-console v1.0.1 931cb2131cbd 5 weeks ago 27.15 MB
rancher/os-bootstrap v1.0.1 923ef4fc6682 5 weeks ago 27.14 MB
rancher/os-acpid v1.0.1 e6c45ed61f80 5 weeks ago 27.14 MB
rancher/os-base v1.0.1 10caa5480638 5 weeks ago 27.14 MB
rancher/os-debianconsole v1.0.1 cf3d5b19d9c1 5 weeks ago 197.2 MB
rancher/os-docker 17.03.1 0481ad94b67a 7 weeks ago 84.87 MB

rancher/server stable 5053eb764897 12 days ago 955 MB

Think I understand whats going on now. Helps reading the documentation on:

After the custom system service is enabled, you can start the service using sudo ros service up “serviceName”. The “serviceName” will be the names of the services inside the docker-compose.yml.`

So looking at the definition of the service listed as rancher-server-stable… yields that its actually named rancher-server which kind of makes sense. So executing:

sudo ros service up rancher-server

brings the service up.

The custom system service is also defined with:
io.rancher.os.scope: user
which explains why it does not show up under system-docker!

A final open question: Is there a reason why the rancher-server is defined as user when all other system services are defined with?
io.rancher.os.scope: system

system is for the containers that make up the operating system. Rancher orchestration is not part of the OS, it’s a “user” application.