How to use docker "CONTAINER IP" as localhost, to view webapp

how to use docker container ip as localhost:8080?

e.g my current container contains the following:

ubuntu 16.04 as base
stacks currently installed: lamp

please help… thank you

Did you ever figure this out?

If I understand your question correctly you should try the following.

Install your container as a stack and add the Load Balancer service to it as either http or https.

@mister2d first try was unsuccesful, i use port 80 for public and port 80 for the private container put the container ip in the load balancer input configuration doesnt work, i’ll try again i’ve watch a rancher video similar of what i’m achieving; any tutorial related to this topic?

@08ski11s If you are running Rancher locally on your OSX laptop, I am assuming you are running the rancher/server container and the hosts in virtual machines. If that’s the case, you would have to use http://{IP_OF_VM}:{PUBLISHED_PORT}.

Or if you are running both rancher/server and the host inside the same laptop running linux, you should check the port that you have published and then you could use http://localhost:{PUBLISHED_PORT}