How to use metallb and nginx ingress with rke

My setup has two CentOS 7 nodes and they are provisioned using Vagrant. What I want to do is use the nginx ingress that comes from rke 1.0.16 to route traffic to my Python flask application. Since I am doing this bare-metal, I also deployed metallb. But after I deploy my loadbalancer service, I cannot reach my application.

Since this setup is similar to I’ve used that configuration as a template. But this is not working and I don’t know how to troubleshoot.

For comparison, I can deploy my application without using the ingress and it works fine. But this is going through the loadbalancer only and I want to use the ingress.

My sample application:

You have to remove and reinstall the ingress controller after you install MetalLB and set it to Service of type LoadBalancer. Here’s a video: How To Use MetalLB with Nginx and Rancher - YouTube