RKE2 rke2-ingress-nginx-controller + metallb Load Balancing

Hi, I’m new to the forum and new to RKE2. I’ve seen how RKE1, metallb, and ingress-controller worked, but I’m not seeing anything recent that explains.

What I THINK I’m looking for: Being new to RKE in general, and based on the tutorials and videos I’ve watched, I believe I want the native rke2-ingress-nginx-controller deployed as a load balancer and for that load balancer to take a “public IP” from Metallb. I have setup and tested Metallb and have seen it work with nginx loadbalancer, but I want to get it working with the native ingress-controller in RKE2 if at all possible. Could anyone outline the steps (at the cli) necessary to accomplish this?

Thank You,