Ingress with MetalLB. Best Practice for directing internet traffic from one port to multiple services

Hi all. I finally got Kubernetes set up on 3 nodes with Rancher RKE. I also set up a Joomla site with the Joomla Helm chart. This Joomla site is using the MetalLB configured in L2 to provide it an ip address on my local LAN. This is great, however I want to set up another web application service with Kubernetes that will also use port 443. I only have 1 public IP address. Before kubernetes, I just set up a vhost with apache on my single web server and pointed the public DNS records to my web server. Obviously this new web app will be given a different IP address from MetalLB and I will have no way to route port 443 to the correct IP address.

In front of rancher, I have a nginx-ingress docker container. Is there any way I can use that to also route port 443 to the correct internal IP address based on what DNS name is requested?


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Was there ever an update on your issue? Were you ever able to get this working?