I have a external domain address, How can i attach or point to my container using rancher?

How can i attach or point my external domain address to my container? Using rancher


  1. install Load Balancer Service into your Rancher Server
  2. inside it you can add any domain name with any port to forward it to your container
  3. choose the container from the list and choose the port inside the container.
  4. from your DNS [in my case I’m using Cloudflare ] , point the A record to your domain to be the IP for the server which holds the Load Balancer container.
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@ayman2nov thank you for the reply i will try this method, does this work on remote host environment?

No Problem ,

Yea works good , as Rancher uses it’s own internal network , so all the containers can see each other’s internal IPs as they are in the same network

@ayman2nov all permalinks/pages should work as well? i’m running a webapp using rancher server.,

offtopic: i have another question, how can i access the files in the container using rancher? for uploading/downloading/editing files.

@08ski11s yes , all will work normally .

for the second question : as I understand you have a web application inside a container and you need to have something like ftp service .

you also can add an ftp server inside the container and enable the port inside the load balancer , so you connect from outside world to the files inside the container .

hope this solution helps you

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thank you very much to your response, i will try this right away

@ayman2nov follow-up questions:

what IP should i use to add in the A record to point the domain address?

it will be the real IP for the server which you run the load balancer on

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