Impossible to access gRPC (TCP) address through multiple hosts

Rancher, v1.6.10

I’m having a development environment within Rancher and 3 hosts attached.

Now I’ve a Rancher load balancer in the middle. Thus, as I need to have and use DNS name such as ‘’ I’ve linked my Route53 DNS names to the host hosting the Rancher LB.

Everything works well for the http requests (where I specified the “request Host”) but then when I add a line for a TCP connexion it doesn’t work anymore.

If I have an environment with only one host and one gRPC service, the load balancer works fine…

On the image, second line works but not the first one. First requested by doing ‘

But the request time out.

And to be clear (I’m on the problem for 2 hours now) those are AWS servers and I made sure I opened the ports + right domain names pointing etc.

Any idea?