Install KDE on SUSE.

I have SLES 11 and it has Gnome installed by default.

I can start the Gnome Display by running:

I have a problem loggin in via this method (I have another post about this) so I want to try to install KDE and see if it works. As I cannot log in I can’t use YAST so I have to use the command line.

I install KDE by doing the following
zypper in kdebase4-runtime-4.3.5-0.1.97.x86_64.rpm

This installs several KDE binaries for example:

My question is how do I manually launch KDE (Like I did before with gdm)


You can run the command yast (ncurses based) from the command line…
you need to edit the displaymanager file to set kdm in
the /etc/sysconfig editor.

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