Re: KDE3 on SLES11.x???

jgosney;2132682 Wrote:[color=blue]

Well, I’m making progress but I’m still stuck. I started out following
thsundel’s route and I build a new SLES box without either KDE or GNOME.
When it rebooted, it came up in the default xconsole. I launched xterm
to get to a command prompt and ran yast. I set up the KDE3 repository
that thsundel pointed out in software repositories then went into
software management but wasn’t quite sure what to pick. So on a hunch,
I set up the same repository in the patch update settings and it
appeared to download KDE3.

I rebooted the machine and it came back up in xconsole. Started yast
again and this time, using malcolmlewis’ information, I went into
software manager and picked kdebase. I appeared to install even more
kde stuff. Rebooted and it came back up in xconsole again.

Went back into yast and this time I installed kdebase-kdm. Same

So now I’m sitting in xconsole trying to figure out how to get kde to
start on bootup.

What’s the next step that I’m missing?[/color]

Follow the steps described here: ‘KDE3 - openSUSE’

Basically you have to install kdebase3-session package.


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