Install Minikube?

Folks, how do I install stuff (should I?) on rancheros? I would like to run minikube on it as my development environment but minikube does not have a official docker image nor do I know how to install it on rancheros so that it may persist between reboots.

Are you using the default console? That one is not persistent, but if you switch to any other console, it becomes persistent. That’s the easiest way; suitable for development.

Hello @cjellick I am using the busybox console, but the problem seemed to be related to the fact that “minikube start” tries to create a VM to deploy itself. Just installed virtualbox here and tried the command again. It worked. Sadly, not running under RancherOS.

About what you said about the console; doesn’t it create a volume for /home/ where everything there is kept between reboots? Also, I tried the ubuntu console. Some commands were not available, like ifconfig. It was weird. I’m really unsure what changes (or does not work) between consoles.