install location in custom init script


I am trying to pxe install a SLES 11.1 installation from an ftp server
a custom autoyast xml file. The installation image and autoyast xml
file resides on an ftp server with necessary boot files available via

a tftp server.

The installation goes ok but I need to do fetch few extra rpm’s and
config files from the install location (ftp server) and execute some
commands over them. I have an init script embedded in the autoyast xml

file to get his done but presently with ftp server paths hardcoded in

it :frowning:

I want this script to be as generic as possible as my t/ftp server may

change its location in the future. In which case i dont want to go
through the pain of changing the hardcoded ftp paths in the init

Please guide on how is it possible to get the location of autoyast
file within the script itself.

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