RancherOS install without internet

hi there,

i found the info “You can now boot from the ISO without a net connection, and the install will run using the installer image on the ISO.” in the 0.8x release but can’t find any further information how to do this.
can someone tell me what parameter to pass and where the offline file is located?

thanks for help


Its automatic. If you use the iso to do a default install, it will use
files on that iso to install

when i tried it this morning (rc9) via:
ros install -c cloud-config.yml -d /dev/sda
the installer tried to download rancher/os and exit without installing.
or do you mean something else then ros install as default installer?

thanks for help

cheers maik

nope, that’s exactly how i test it - I burn the iso to a usb stick, put it into a non-networked computer, boot, and run sudo ros -f -d /dev/sda --append "rancher.autologin=tty1"

then on reboot, I have a mostly useless, but functioning RancherOS

hi sorry for the late reply.
thanks a lot for the information, i add this to my rancher docs and will test it tomorrow in the company …

and hey, congratulation for rancheros 1.0.0!
i had quite some fights about running a 0.x version in an enterprise environment and be happy to have a lts version.
thanks for your awesome work with rancher and rancheros!

cheers maik