Installing Python 2 on SLES 15

Hello, I need to install Python 2 on a SLES 15sp4 box.
I enabled Extension “SUSE Package Hub 15 SP4 x86_64” and now all the python2 packages appear.
The problem is that I see no “python2” nor “python2-base” package. Only specific packages.
If I try to install one of them, for example “python2-ldap”, YaST show this error message:
“nothing provides ‘’ needed by the to be installed python2-ldap-3.1.0-3.2.20.x86_64”
Any suggestion?
Thank You & Kind Regards, Cristian

According to this article : Release Notes | SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP4
See chapter : 5.6.11 Python 2 has been removed
There is no solution given for installing and running python 2 any longer.
some other distros still support it for a limited time.

Python 2 sunset info :
Sunsetting Python 2 |