Python 2 removal from SLES 15 SP1

Hi All,
I think this is my first post here!
I was curious if anyone has removed their old python2 packages after an upgrade to SLES 15 SP1 without any issues and whether it was safe to do so?
I don’t see anything using python2 but I may be wrong. I’m thinking I’ll try remove the python-base with all dependencies on my sandbox and see if it breaks anything.
Edit: the reason for me wanting to do this is so I don’t have to add the python2 module and update packages that are no longer being used after upgrading to 15 SP1.

/usr/bin/python is still linked to python2.7, you probably want to ensure your python apps are using #!/usr/bin/python3 or maybe create an update alternative to switch the python softlink untill your sure no issues, then I would leave it be (as in not remove).

I’m aware of the /usr/bin/python link thanks. From 15 SP1 release notes SUSE says it was phasing out python2 in its enterprise distribution - I’m wondering if this has now been completed? It would be nice to get this information. Looking at open files on all my upgraded systems I do not see python2 being used but that does not necessarily mean there are no standard executables around that still require it. I do not have any custom scripts that use it.

If you have not added in the Python2 module to the system, should be ok…
I see a few items calling either python2 or env python in /usr/[s]bin;

fgrep -r "/usr/bin/python" *
fgrep -r "/usr/bin/env python" *