Installing RancherOS on KVM


I installed RancherOS on windows/virtualbox and it works.

The installation was quite simple.

I had to define 2 NIC, when one was a NAT host only adapter.

Through the host only adapter, I could connect in SSH (puTTY)
and create/edit the cloud-config.yml (especially paste the SSH key)

Now, I’d like to install RancherOS on CentOS7/KVM.

I didn’t succeed to define a NAT host only adapter, so I have
only one NIC and I defined it as bridge adapter.

I connected to RancherOS through the KVM console, and I set (in
the live Rancher) a static IP

under /etc/network/interfaces
, I added what is necessary for my network (we have fixed IPs)


eth0 inet static




And I restarted the service

(I tried the both)

sudo system-docker restart network
sudo ros service restart network

But nothing.

No connection and no IP under ifconfig/eth0

So I cannot connect with SSH (puTTY) and I cannot complete
the installation (paste the SSH key)


Is it possible to set a static IP before the installation,
and if yes, how?

Or do I have to install without SSH key and add it after?

Or any other solution.

What is the right way in my case?



RancherOS networking isn’t configured via /etc/network/interfaces. Please check out our docs on configuring interfaces (