Using bridged network on Rancher server host

Hi. RancherOS looks a fantastic product.
I am trying to set it up in a proxmox cluster as a KVM VM. My cluster is hosted at OVH.
My issue is that I can’t get the initial connectivity to internet when booting on the ISO. I am using the bridge mode and I have to setup my interface like so:

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
    address ip-failover
    broadcast ip-failover
    post-up route add HOST-IP.1 dev eth0
    post-up route add HOST-IP.1
    post-down route del HOST-IP.1 dev eth0
    post-down route del default gw HOST-IP.1

How could I achieve this on my initial ISO boot and then how can I emplement this in the cloud-config file. If impossible, are there other alternatives?


Ok so I think I found the two answers I need.
First my eth0 doesn’t work if I first set a local IP. So problem solved.
Then I saw that I can use post_up in the YAML file as in:

@vialcollet did you get it to work? Do you have an Proxmox template of the vm you can share? I’m also trying to create an proxmox vm with rancherOS but currently it wont work.