Installing SLED on a W7 computer

Hello everyone!
It is possible to install SLED on a computer which has W7?
The computer has a partition on which is installed W7 and an unpartitioned space on which SLED could be installed.
Are there any elements that should be respected so this installation could work smoothly?
SLED is on a factory image DVD.
Thank you in advance!

Yes. This is usually how people install LInux to dual boot. Install Windows leaving an empty partition, then install Linux in to the empty partition.

If you just ensure you pay close attention to what you are doing you should be fine. Make sure you select the correct partition to install it. Make sure you do not let the installer format the Windows partition. It is always possible to make a mistake and wipe out the Windows partition, so make sure you have any data in the Windows partition you care about backed up before you start.