Internet access from Windows Wift to SLES 11 - VM

Hello Experts,

I am new to SLES and I have the following requirement. I am not expert in this.
I have the following environment.

  1. Windows Laptop 7 OS version
  2. Installed VM workstation 15
  3. Also installed SLES 11 Sp 4 under that VM.

Now the requirement is how to access internet from Windows WIFI to SLES installed under VM.

-I have given a static ip to SLES ex:xx.xx.xx.x
-My Windows PC has DHCP IP assignment from the internet service provider.
I have googled it, found some additional tool to be installed in VM in order to map static IP from SLES to Windows WIFI spot.
I am not sure if that is correct /or how to do that.

I need your expertise how can I access internet from VM–SLES when my laptop connected to Wifi router.
Can anyone help me on this.

That is really a windows issue… have you tried configuring the SLES VM network for NAT. AFAIK virtual machines and using the wireless card is not supported or works…