SLES 15 SP1 for SAP problem with network adapters

Hello everyone!

I’m new in Linux, and don’t understand a couple of things.
The details:
I have VMware 15.5, and created 3 virtual network adapters:
First adapter - bridged to physical wifi adapter
Second adapter - just host only with static IP
Third one - NAT

The problem is, when I used only first adapter, so Linux has access to internet. If I switching on next two adapters, I don’t have access to Internet, but ping is passed to host, and from host to guest.
So, I need to use Internet access and local network at the same time, without swittching adapters.
I suppose, that the problem is what kind of adapters using by Mozilla and Terminal. I’ve tried to change order of adapters, but this is not resolved my problem.

As I mentioned before, I’m new in Linux, and could you please provide step-by-step (in order to avoid additional questions from my side).