Is convoy project deprecated?

There is no activity and no release of convoy for quite some time and if I understand it right Convoy-NFS is replaced by Rancher-NFS. On the other hand, there is no information that the project was shut down.

Should I use convoy today as device mapper volume driver ? Is there recommended alternative for such use case ?

Yes, it’s deprecated. I’ll make sure this is clear on the repositories/docs etc this week.

This part was on the release announcement of v1.2.0 (

Cattle now support volume plugins for NFS. Please be aware that going forward in 1.2, RancherNFS will now be the supported NFS Docker plugin solution. Convoy-NFS will no longer be available as an option in 1.2, and will no longer be supported in 1.3+

Is RancherNFS usable as docker (swarm) plugin without rancher?
Any suggestion about a stable nfs docker storage plugin?