Convoy is gone from docs, what replaces it?

So after a couple days of chasing down unanswered forum posts and being mislead by older documentation, it seems that Convoy is just gone from the docs, with no real explanation on what replaces it.

I see Rancher NFS is around, and it works for my at home dev where I have an NFS server, however what has happened with other volume driver support? Is support for Digital Ocean volumes just dropped? How do we setup backup of Rancher created local volumes? Will the docs be updated to reflect this in any way?

Hi @Routhinator

From experience I can tell you that convoy plugins were a bit problematic sometimes.
Removal of them made some inconvience but Rancher team introduced something way better, support for Docker Volume Plugins, you can listen more about them here

This means that now you can create easly your own storage plugins.

@Routhinator It seems that the next iteration of Convoy is Rancher Longhorn:

According to a Rancher marketing email I got this morning, the next online meetup will be about Longhorn and it looks like they officially announced it this week by the date of this article:

Rancher-{ebs,efs,nfs} volume drivers replace convoy; there was a DigitalOcean cubit plugin but it was a user contribution and not carried over.

Longhorn is a different thing, providing volumes and their storage directly and doing synchronous replication to another host so that the data survived if a host fails.