Is Disk Encryption / RAID Support possible with RancherOS?

hello friends,

i wanted to ask whats the current status about disk encryption and raid support with rancheros.
we deliver a on server solution to our customers with two harddisks inside.
to protect the data we want to run a raid 1 to mirror the harddisk.
is this possible with rancheros (lvm or something similar)?

we also want to protect the data itself running inside the containers (interpreted sourcecode and stuff like that).
what options would be available to protect the data itself in case the user have direct access to the server and hardware itself? full disc encryption or tpm or something would be nice but the customer must be able to start the server in case of some power failure without the need of entering a password or something like that.

would be great to hear what would be possible for both usecases.

thanks a lot!

cheers maik