RancherOS problem finding drives

Hi All,

I have a “Dell PowerEdge C6220 SFF 4 Node Server 8x Xeon E5-2650 256GB RAM 4x 2TB 2.5” HD" with the drives being ST2000NX0403 type and Gparted finds them as /dev/sda but when I boot RancherOS I cannot seem to locate the drive and am not sure of RancherOS see it at all.

I am trying to install RancherOS on these new nodes to run a local cluster.

Any ideas?


What mode is the storage controller in? Does RancherOS find any drive or none at all?

I actually solved the problem.

Seemed to have to scan SATA with “sudo fdisk -l” after re-partitioning Gparted from the old ZFS setup.

All is working nicely now.