Is it possible to use docker cli from another computer?

Is it possible to run docker -H<addresstomyranch-server/host from another computer?
Im trying to get my builds from vs2015 deployed directly to my rancher. Before i have used the Dockertools for visual studio, but i cant get it to work when using rancher.
From what i can tell there are no docker deamon listening on any port.

Or if anyone have other one click deployment routines I´m grateful for help.

By running docker daemon -H on my host i did get it to work.
But it seems like after i ran the daemon i scrapped the agent. My host turned up as disconnected in rancher.
After a reboot the server was found and my image was in place, although it doesn’t really seem the right way to deploy.
Can i somehow enable the default daemon if any to listen on tcp while still working as intended?

Docker only listens on a local socket by default in most installations. You can configure it to accept remote connections, see:

The Rancher agent uses the socket file, so you’d need something like -H unix:///var/run/docker.sock -H tcp:// . And make sure you read the parts about securing it, or you’re just opening up the equivalent of root to the outside world.

I totally missed it in the documentation.
After following it opened up fort secure connections on port 2376 which i could connect to after installing the client certs.

Now everything seems to work.

Extremely impressive tools, already have an service up with service link to an external db, scaleable .Net core api containers. And i believe im on good way setting up some node testing containers also. In one day with zero previous docker/rancher experience.
And now one click deploy from VS2015. :slightly_smiling: