Set DOCKER_HOST / Docker Daemon location in Rancher


I’m currently trying to set up Rancher for the first time. In my organization is a compute cluster where each compute node is running Ubuntu. For testing purposes I’m playing around with Rancher on one of these nodes.

The installation process fails after I enter the command for the cluster creation. Specifically when the second “rancher/rancher-agent” is starting because it can’t connect to the Docker Daemon.
This makes sense because the compute nodes are configured to connect to the Docker Daemon via TCP / TLS but it looks locally for “unix:///var/run/docker.sock” instead. For the first “rancher/rancher-agent” I can just use “-e DOCKER_HOST=“tcp://xyz”” (and environment variables for cacert, cert and key) but the second agent starts automatically. Because of that I can’t enter the environment variables.

I already tried to edit the .yaml file during creation process without success.

Is there a way to set the DOCKER_HOST for every container that Rancher will start?