is there a way to put the 'auto' back in autoyast?

SLES 10 SP4 - autoyast is stopping at: WARNING This system has at least one hard disk with a RAID configuration presented by the BIOS as RAID that is in fact a software RAID. The following disks were detected as part of such a RAID: /dev/sdb /dev/sdc … This is an automated network based install and prompting the user for anything breaks the install. Is there a way to (a) tell autoyast to assume “OK” in all cases, or (b) in this case tell autoyast to ignore sdb and sdc?

I don’t do enough with AutoYast to be able to answer this in the best way to handle these Raid type situations, sorry.

One thing though with these type of issues: it stems from the fact that the raid controller that is used in the system where you encounter this, is not a true hardware raid controller and depends on the workings of the driver and OS handling.
In that sense one should always take care in partitioning as the correct way to do it might be by configuring the DM device (Linux device mapper) rather than configuring on sdX level… hence the waring.

You might get better answers posting in the Install / Boot section of the forums (