iscsis Target and different partitions ?

SLES11SP1 configured as iSCSI TARGET.
NW65SP5 - as iscsi iniciator.

From the NW65SP8 connected to the iscsi target ( sles11ps1) and create new NSS Partition , NSS Volume, mount this volume. This is OK.

it is possible to one and to the same iscsi target at the same time to be connected with NW65SP8 and WIN2003?

on sles11sp1 ONE is activated iscsi target for use from NW and from Win2003.



I think you are asking if a single iSCSI target can be connected-to from
multiple iSCSI initiators simultaneously.

The answer to that question is ‘yes’, and like most yes/no answers it
should probably e followed with a few caveats: if both initiators mount
the filesystem for writing (r/w) and if the filesystem is not made for
concurrent writers and if both systems write to the filesystem, you could
corrupt your data in a terrible way. Basically, don’t do this.

If you want to see the same data on multiple boxes then mount it on them
read-only, or mount on one and then share (using something like NFS or
another network-based file sharing protocol) with all other clients.
Doing so gives one system control of the filesystem and all others access
through that one system.

Good luck.