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Which media selection is correct in order to evaluate SUSE 15 Enterprise server (GM or QU) ?

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The one you want is GM as this contains all the files for an offline install, if you have internet access to the machine your installing on, then you could use the unified installer (QU) to get a minimal system up and running.
More information at “},{“attributes”:{“link”:“https:\/\/\/sles\/15-SP1\/single-html\/SLES-installquick\/#sec-sle-installquick-install”},“insert”:“https:\/\/\/sles\/15-SP1\/single-html\/SLES-installquick\/#sec-sle-installquick-install”},{“insert”:”

[{“insert”:"QU media is GM media updated with all updates from previous 3 months thus will save some updates, time, and bandwidth so if any of those are a concern use QU media in preference to GM media.
HTH, Simon