What's the purpose of media2.iso?

Hello everyone,
I’m back again to try SLED.
I can dowload two files:
The media2 file is bigger than the media1, so I’m wondering how to use it and what purpose has.
I’ve find no clue in the documentation, so maybe is a thing that “everyone know about”, but myself. :slight_smile:

Thank you

@“Stefano Cerruti” Hi, those are the quarterly updates after the GM release…

From the download page: https://www.suse.com/download/sled/

The second, identified by a 'QU' followed by a number in the filename, consists of the packages shipped at first customer ship. But all packages where maintenance updates have been released since then have been updated to the latest maintenance update. Quarterly updated media are refreshed every 3 months, with the first coming three month after the 'GM' release.

So just need the (in this case Q2) for the install image to use.

@malcolmlewis , ok I understood the difference from the GM and the QU.
What I don’t understand, and that page tells me nothing about, is the difference from media1 and media2.
These files are QU2, which one should I use to install?

Thank you

@“Stefano Cerruti” Media 1 is the install media, media 2 is the src rpms (not needed for install), that seems to have disappeared from the documents…

@malcolmlewis ok I guessed so, but I wasn’t sure.
thank you very much