Issue in Crowbar Installation


I am deploying SUSE Openstack cloud in Test environment. I am trying to deploy minimal SUSE Openstack cloud setup. Previously I have installed Admin, Control & Compute node but due to some issues I have deleted Control & Compute Node and trying to re-install the same. I have tried to create new VMs and tried to perform PXE boot through NIC card for Compute & Control nodes. However it does not succeed and I have tried to re-install crowbar setup again. Before that I have deactivated & deleted barclamp services from Admin node. After that I have tried to re-install crowbar but it is failing at the stage called " Transitioning Admin Server to Ready phase". Kindly help or provide troubleshooting steps. I have SUSE SLES 12 and SUSE Openstack 7 software.

Would like to understand whether it is due to Internet is not accessible to Admin node



from your description it’s not easy to say what could have gone wrong.
The internet connection should not matter for a test setup, but you should make sure that it either has a correct DNS resolution or edit its /etc/hosts accordingly, otherwise it’s possible that during some steps the setup will run on a timeout. There are some log files that should reveal the error cause under /var/log/crowbar and /var/log/chef, you should check /var/log/crowbar/install.log during the installation process.
If you already had one control and one compute node installed it seems that the PXE boot works fine.
If you have to start over, you should not delete or deactivate barclamps but only stop crowbar and chef services on the admin node. Then delete the file /var/lib/crowbar/install/crowbar-installed-ok, this tells the script to start over. Also delete /etc/chef/client.pem, this also has caused me some troubles. The rerun the install-suse-cloud script.

This is all just from the top of my head, I can’t verify any of it right now. But I would recommend to make a clean install of the admin node so you can roll back to a working state, like a snapshot or something, depending on your environment.

Hope some of this helps!