suse cloud admin appliance USB stick deploy fail

Hi i am using the USB stick from openstack summit to deploy a suse cloud.

Everything went well for deploying admin node, then i had two new VM using PXE boot from admin node, the beginning part is ok. The nodes can get images from admin node.
However, both nodes are stopped in the middle complaining couldn’t find /tmp/ (see the screenshot). And at last of course i am not able to see those nodes from the crowbar dashboard (only admin node is there).

Anyone ever deployed controller node and compute node via PXE boot?


sorry i was not able to upload the screenshot but here is the output from failed nodes:

  • cd /updates
  • cp /updates/ /tmp
    cp: cannot stat ‘/updates/’: No such file or directory
  • /tmp/
    /usr/local/bin/ line 107: /tmp/ No such file or directory

That sounds strange but I’m sure we can help you because PXE-booting is the most common deployment method - we use it all the time so yes it should definitely work. Any chance you could run supportconfig on the admin node and send it over? Remote access to the environment would be an even quicker way to debug but I appreciate that might be harder to arrange.

Also can I check which instructions you were following and how you set up the network?