Issue with latest mcelog

Hello everyone,

When updated to latest SLES, I found that the mcelog does not supported AMD 64bit anymore. It prints information CPU is not supported. I tried to add cpu to command like: mcelog --cpu generic or mcelog --cpu k8. The error unsupported is not printed but the command does not return.

Is there anyone meet the same issue. The latest mcelog really does not support AMD anymore?

Is there any solution for mcelog to keep working with AMD?

Thank you


Please, could you tell us which version of SLES you’re using and which version/release of mcelog is installed?


You should be able to do

modprobe edac_mce_amd

to get MCE decoding functionality on AMD.


We encounter another problem related mcelog:
The message shows in the terminal: (command => # mcelog)
“mcelog: Family 6 Model 3c CPU: only decoding architectural errors”
Can you help us to check this issue?
We’re using the latest Intel Haswell 4th CPU on the developing platform, will mcelog update/fix it in the future?
(version name: mcelog-1.0.2013.01.18-0.7.11x86_64.rpm)

If you have any concern about this issue, please kindly let me know or email to me.
Thank you.