Issues with older ipad - white page at login

Hi all,

Bit of an odd one this. I’ve got an old ipad mini (running ios 9) that I want to use whilst on a long train commute to catch up with a bit of work.

But for some reason, the rancher login page renders as a blank page on the mini, whether I use Safari or Chrome. It’s working fine on my android phone, PC, etc.

Has anyone encountered this before?


Same issue with Firefox, so it looks like an OS thing. But it’s weird that OS9 bugs out on the ember.js rendering…

“Firefox” in iOS is still Apple’s WebKit just like Safari. 3rd party browser engines are not allowed so it’s just a different skin around the same thing.

Thanks Vincent. Hadn’t realised that, although I’m not surprised given Apple’s approach to things.

The idea is all modern browser engines are basically just-in-time compilers of JS, and arbitrary code compiling and execution is not allowed.

Anyway, if you hook up the iPad to a Mac and set it up for development in XCode you can get to the console of the browser and there’s probably an error that’s possibly practical to address.